About Brian

Brian was born in Danvers, Massachusetts, and is a graduate of Danvers High School. He received a B.S.Ed. from Salem State University and taught at St. Mary’s School in Danvers.

Brian received his J.D. from the University of New Hampshire Law School (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center) in Concord, NH. As a law student, Brian was an incorporator of the Franklin Pierce Law Student Cooperative and the Editor-in-chief of the first Annual Survey of New Hampshire Law, a joint venture between the law center and New Hampshire Bar Journal. As a third- year law student Brian was a summer intern with the City of Boston Law Department and interned as a student law clerk in the U.S. District Court for New Hampshire.

Shortly after his admission to the Massachusetts bar Brian was lead counsel in representing the parents of a four year old boy in their struggle to assert their decision making rights over their son’s medical treatment against the Massachusetts General Hospital, a case that garnered national attention. Subsequently, Brian went to work as a trial attorney for the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare and, after reorganization, the Massachusetts Department of Social Services.

Brian became a staff attorney in Washington D.C. and later Regional Counsel in Boston for the newly created Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In addition to advising the Regional Director and staff, Brian prepared and tried cases involving the National Flood Insurance and National Crime Insurance Acts. After the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, FEMA was charged with evaluating state and local offsite emergency plans for nuclear power plants. Brian was assigned to represent FEMA in administrative trials before the Atomic Safety Licensing Board at various sites across the country.

Quality of family life prompted Brian localize his practice. First, as City Solicitor for the City of Gloucester, then in private practice with the law firm of Ronan, Segal and Harrington in Salem, Massachusetts and as a sole practitioner in Gloucester, Massachusetts. During that time Brian also served as Town Counsel for Essex and Rockport, Massachusetts.

Brian now practices in Peabody, Massachusetts. He lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts.