You’ve found the perfect location for your business. Now all you have to do is get the zoning permit you need to start construction. Count on Brian P. Cassidy to give your business the best chance of getting permit approval. Brian P. Cassidy is an accomplished land use and zoning attorney in Peabody, MA and the North Shore area. Contact him today for help getting the zoning permit your business needs.

Attorney Cassidy will take charge of your case

Brian P. Cassidy will use every legal means to resolve your land use and zoning issues in Peabody, MA and the North Shore area. He can:

✔ Determine your permitting needs
✔ Prepare your application
✔ Represent you in public hearings

If your permit is denied, attorney Cassidy can represent you in related litigation, if such is deemed appropriate. He can also represent you in appellate court.

Brian P. Cassidy also has experience dealing with flood insurance. Reach out to him today to share the details of your case.