Finding the right property for your home or business location can be a challenge. Contact Brian P. Cassidy to make the process easier. Attorney Cassidy has been practicing real estate law for more than 40 years. He represents clients dealing with residential and commercial real estate law in Peabody, MA and the North Shore area.

Attorney Cassidy works with real estate professionals to acquire and develop property. He’ll help you assume ownership of the property, whether that means establishing a real estate trust or an LLC. Contact attorney Cassidy now for the legal counsel you need.

How can attorney Brian P. Cassidy help you?


✔ Assisting with due diligence
✔ Drawing up purchase and sale agreements
✔ Handling title issues
✔ Representing you in real estate tax abatement negotiations

Attorney Cassidy can also deal with trespass and adverse possession issues. Call him today away to be sure you’re making smart choices when it comes to real estate law matters in Peabody, MA.